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After the Cleanse
Staying Green...

Try to stay “green” for the next 3 weeks. Eat raw and lightly steamed green vegetables. Have green salads with a lemon-based dressing. Eat lots of sprouts for energy. Have liberal amounts of essential oils. Continue drinking 4 liters of water each day with 1 scoop of SuperGreens Powder and 12 drops of Prime pH in each liter.

Some who need to loose weight may find themselves at a plateau from time to time. One may plateau for a few weeks or months, and then begin losing weight and toxins again. Remember to continue with one gallon of water and Prime pH and SuperGreens Powder. It is also ideal to follow an alkaline diet The ideal balance is 70- 80% raw, alkaline foods with 20-30% cooked, warmed, or mildly acidic foods. The acid foods allowed in this 20-30% should not be taken to mean cakes, candies and ham. These are things like red new potatoes, rice, -- those things that are low on the acid scale which can be consumed when appropriately balanced with healthy, alkalizing foods.

Notice: The information about this Cleanse is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not an attempt by the writers to diagnose or prescribe, nor should it be construed to be such. Readers are hereby encouraged to consult with a licensed health care professional concerning the information presented, which has been received from sources deemed reliable, but no guarantees, expressed or implied, can be made regarding the accuracy of same. If you have a medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner.

Menu Suggestions for the 7 Day Cleanse

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